Country French Decorating Ideas

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Aren't these beautiful?Check them at I liked how they coordinated the blue color of the arm chair and the wall decor in the first picture. In the second picture,I like the design of coffee-table and colorful accessories.There more designs there worth checking. Enjoy!


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    Nakutakia kila la heri.

  2. The important feature of the trend in modern Distressed Furniture seems to be the addition of decorative lines which have little relation to structural forms.
    Country French Decorating

  3. Thanks for pointing that out Country French Decorating and thanks for stopping by.

  4. Da Mija nashukuru na karibu sana. Usijali hiyo sikuweka link ni kwa wale watakaopenda niwafundishe.Ila nashukuru kwa kuicheck karibu tena


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