Shashiko embroidery

There are so many embroidery technique ! Shashiko embroidery is the ancient japanese embroidery technique. It is beautiful, check out the tutorial posted by Have fun!

Organiser made out of napkins

Organizedeveryday posted a brilliant step by step tutorial on how to make your own organiser from two napkins.What a brilliant idea!Good job. So creative! Check it out and get organised. Enjoy

How to do Beeswax Collage

I saw this video by on how to do beeswax collage .I absolutely loved it!Good job,what a talent!. Check it out and learn this technique.Have fun.

decoupage technique on glass

Image courtesy of diynetwork has a tutorial on how to decoupage little glass magnet.It is so beautifully explained and easy to follow.Thanks for posting it.Check it out and try it.!Also diynetwork has a tutorial on how to make personalized paperweight,the final product came out very nice. Try it (I will!). Have fun!

Briolette Flower Tutorial

Image courtesy of

I love learning different technique of beading/jewerly making!I saw this tutorial from and liked it so much .It is very nicely explained and nice pictures which makes it easy to follow.So talented!Good job!Check it out you gonna be happy you did.Have fun!

Absolutely great gifts !

I came across the following sites and thought they are something to keep in mind.If you wanna make your family member of a friend happy try these two gifts :print her /his photo on canvas at Canvas on demand and/or try a personalised magazine cover at Its so impressive to see all these creativity!So,no more excuses of not making your loved ones happy!Make them happy it is very important!Have fun!

The art of crochet by Teresa

If you like crochet today is your lucky day!Meet the talented and smart woman whose blog goes by the name crochet-mania , I absolutely love her blog!She has done a fantastic job of putting together the video tutorial of various crochet stitches,you gonna love them!Check them out I guarantee you.... you gonna thank this woman!Enjoy!

Manhattan woman develops bag to help cope with clutter

I recently saw this article on nydailynews and I was so impressed by Jen Groover's brilliant discovery a butler bag. Smart woman!No more clutter when you have a butler bag!More on the website for this bag here

Rickrack is Back have brilliant ideas on how to decorate using rickrack. They are absolutely awesome! Check them out you will be impressed and try these ideas and pls give us feedback!Good job!!Have fun.

Beautiful things

I saw these framed messages from ljhomeaccents
and liked them,hope they will inspire you too!