All the way to SA

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I am a fan of elledecoration South Africa blog. They have so many interesting things worth checking. This time they even have posted a free stencil download (for personal use only).Check them out and have fun!

The beauty of Rwanda

Young Rwandan ladies perform a harvest dance
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I always like to learn different cultures,I remember when I was a teen ,me and my friends at school we used to dance a traditional Rwandan dance (not quite well as they dance themselves). Their traditional dance is awesome so as their dresses.They dance gracefully,so beautiful to watch.Today I remembered those days and I wanted to share it with you. Here is Rwandan girls dance video I found on youtube.Hope you gonna like it. I also like their beautiful baskets,check out more at rwanda baskets.Which culture do you like?Enjoy the video!

Bringing Summer Style into Your Home Décor

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The 4th of July is right around the corner and there isn’t a better way to celebrate the beginning of summer than with an updated collection of home décor, accents and accessories. The biggest concern among homeowners and renters is the idea of breaking the bank to achieve the stylish look they’re going for during the warm summer months. The key for a home accessories upgrade is to go outside the box in terms of design in order to add a refreshing energy to your collection.
Living Rooms Direct, a home furniture site that is known for more than just their living room furniture collections, offers a modern line of accessories that are sure to add zest to any home. The notNeutral home décor collection includes a variety of kitchen accessories that are perfect for all of the weekend barbecues that you’ve been planning this summer. One of their most popular products this is the Round Melamine Tray due to its durable construction for the outdoors, variety of colors, and overall versatility.

Match one of notNeutral’s vibrantly colored serving trays with your existing patio décor or choose a shade that adds just the right splash of color to your outdoor space. Not only is this piece functional in a variety of ways but it is also easy to clean after using it at your next dinner party or special occasion. Whether you’re looking to create a decorative centerpiece for an outdoor picnic table or just need a sturdy tray to bring out a pitcher of drinks to your guests, this item is a must for your next big event!