My mom ...on having good name eg. smart women!

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My Mom used to tell me and siblings that when you say something good about yourself it will eventually happen to you.She also used to say to us that good name makes a good person. She made me believe in these, I can't thank her enough! So when I came across this website called smartwomencompany ,I smiled because I remembered my Sweet Mom's sayings about good name.She is right! see what amazing products these women have (above pics and more on their website) and I realy like their sense of humor on those products.Good job!What good things are you telling your children?!Enjoy!

Do you like beautiful fabrics.....I do!

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I love beautiful fabrics! The minute I see them I start thinking, I would make cushion covers or may be a small quilt for my daughter or do craft etc. etc. These are some of my stocks that I have ready whenever I wanna do sewing or any other art and crafts.Do you like beautiful fabrics too? where do you get them ? may be I can check them out too.Enjoy.

Hint Cards...Best idea for women!

a bouquet of California grown flowers
Hint cards

a bouquet of California grown flowers

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Beautiful flowers? I know! I love everything about them, the beauty,the freshness,the nice smell and above all how the make my home look beautiful.
In a recent survey conducted by the California Cut Flower Commission, (CCFC), they found that 42% of women don’t receive flowers as often as they would like. The CCFC has come up with a “Hint Card” to help deserving moms,to drop a hint to spouse,family or a friend that they would like to receive a beautiful bouquet of the world’s freshest flowers, California Grown flowers.

I got these beautiful flowers together with the Hint cards last Thursday.The Hint cards are beautifully decorated,small in size which is a plus and the humor on them will make you smile.I love that!
The debut of these cards in retailers and florists across the state will be later this year so keep your eyes open for these,you don't wanna miss!For more information check out CCFC website. Enjoy!

Beautiful textile collage

Above 2 images courtesy of amandarichardson

I came across Amanda Richardson beautiful work and really loved it.Aren't these so pretty? I also spotted her video on youtube on how she does these awesome collage. Check her website for more beautiful work. Enjoy!

Beautiful needlepoint

Image courtesy of hubpages

Isn't this beautiful? I love it,Hubpages first painted the needlepoint canvas with acrylics then stitched it.check more beautiful artwork.Enjoy

Image courtesy of tistheseason

I came across this needlepoint at tistheseason by Cara Sue and liked.Its so beautiful and unique.I love it!

Cashmere sweaters to soft toys

Do you have cashmere sweater that doesn't fit or is discarded?Do not worry! teddylux has a solution for you!They make these soft toys out of that, brilliant idea ah!Check out more about this at Springwise. What a great way to recycle!Enjoy

Home decor...

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Domestication store has lots of nice stuff, the above being some of them,aren't they beautiful?!Check them out.Enjoy!

Tea can't resist!

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Aren't these pretty!There are so many beautiful things at alltheluckintheworld. Check them out.Enjoy!

Freeform Crochet

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I love freeform crochet! I made those.I encourage you to try it!If you want to learn more about it check out Sylvia Cosh and James Walters' website here.There you gonna get all the info/directions you need to know.Also check out other artists' workat freeformcrochet for inspiration, you gonna be amazed how beautiful they are. Enjoy!

Beautiful Artistic Photographs...

All 4 images courtesy of Friedamaria

I love the work of Friedamaria.Her artistic photographs are very beautiful.Every picture is kind of a suprise, you don't know what to expect,I love that!Check them out and enjoy!