Texture collage

Thanks to the Smart lady Arounna Khounnoraj for posting wonderful projects for kids at Bloesem Kids, .The projects are fantastic,we gonna have fun with my daughter,check them out you will be happy. Thanks to craftblog too.

Flour Paste Batik

I really like batik and why I liked this more is because you use flour and dye .isn't that smart idea ! I saw this
tutorial at craftblog.com.au and liked it! Great job! Try it and have fun

Easy Crocheted Button Covers

This is awesome ! I saw the tutorial from crochetme.com and and loved because I was looking for ways to cover buttons. Great job and thanks for the tutorial!

Shibori scarf tutorial

I haven't posted for few days my apology to my readers!But today you gonna be happy. I just came across a tutorial of a Japanese technique for pleating and dyeing fabric called shibori at JustJuss. I absolutely love this technique! The tutorial is easy to understand and well explained.Great Job!Check it out and give yourself a challenge .Please don't forget to give us a feedback!Have fun!

Fight The Onion! Onion Goggles

Woow this is what we call a great discovery! I saw these I didn't believe my eyes!Iam putting these on my list of kitchen items!Try them and please give us the feed back!Check them at delight.com.Have fun!

Cute little goodies!

Superman Sculpted 18 oz. Mug
Nose Party Animal Cups (kids gonna love these!)
Love Who You Are Magnet
Pouch Tea Mug
Dressed Up Kitchen Brush

You May Be The World Magnet
I absolutely love small little things. These are awesome! All of them at shopatmoxie. and much more.Have fun!

UM bag and UM tote

w I saw these bags at Feelmorehuman.com and loved them.They are so beautiful and unique.Awesome! If you want to treat yourself or your loved one this is the bag/tote!Enjoy!.

Fabric stitched note card

This is what we call creativity! Awesome note card by Stilldottie
Very beautiful and easy to make. Check them out and try them.No more excuses for not sending a note to a friend.Have fun!

Invisibelt, a must -have for women

You gonna absolutely love this!Invisibelt.com are coming out with black belts in a few weeks!So keep checking their site. I absolutely love invisibelt,that is a must- have belt, it will keep your pants up without creating bulge.Its awesome! Check it out and get one for yourself, family or a friend!I guarantee you, you won't regret!

How to embroider a sweetheart rose using a Silk Ribbon

I saw the video tutorial for embroidering a rose using silk ribbon by HoneyBeesBliss and absolutely loved it. Her instructions are simple , clear and easy to follow ,she is excellent! Check it out and try it.Enjoy!Also she does Crazy Quilting, so beautiful!.More on crazy quilting at HoneyBeesBliss.Great Job!

Shoulder shawl

What a beautiful shawl! I saw it and the instructions at knitting-and.com and love it.Its so beautiful! Make one for yourself or fora gift to someone! Enjoy

Beginners' Silk-Ribbon Embroidery

This is awesome! Silk- ribbon embroidery . I saw the instructions at taunton.com . Check it out and try it,its so beautiful.Have fun!

Shell Wreath with Candle Holder

Absolutely beautiful!I saw this wreath and the instructions on how to make it at thriftyfun.com and loved it. So colorful and artistically arranged.Try making it and bring the warmth of those colors to your home!Enjoy

Watercolor Notecards

I came across the instructions about making these beautiful note cards from thriftyfun.com and loved the idea.Very creative and beautiful!Try it and make someone happy!