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I love those vases and the peonies (who doesn't love peonies?). The purple ottoman and the rug are so pretty.Enjoy via spearmint.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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I like the use of colors here,blue is calming, and combination of it and white bring a  clean and bright look to the space.The design of the chairs and the check fabric goes nicely with the rug because you need something simple like that because the rug has flowers.The detail on the chair i.e blue piping tie the whole thing together.The decorator did a great job here.Enjoy!

Gorgeous armchair

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I really liked pink armchair,it is gorgeous.I Also liked the painting and throw pillow.I hope you gonna get  inspired for spring decoration.  More about these gorgeous homes at achicaliving.Enjoy!

Pretty colorful sofa

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I love these colorful sofa and that wallpaper.So pretty,enjoy!

Beautiful and charming

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I liked how charming these space look,enjoy!