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Living Zanzibar legend.
Photo courtesy of Stefan R at

Her name is Bi Kidude,95 years old, yeah 95!She is a taarab music legend from Zanzibar!Amazing!God bless her!People from Tanzania and Zanzibar adore her.This is what happens when you do what you love / enjoy!

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I saw these at and loved them Take care , enjoy your weekend and dont loose your luggage!

decoration ideas

Fantastic decoration ideas and images from

Unusual photoframes!Awesome!

Picture frames from

awesome fabric!

Images Courtesy of

These fabric are fantastics! What a great design!I absolutely love them.I saw them at

Awesome embroidery technique

Zardozi embroidery; Image courtesy of

Image 2 : bead embroidery at embroidery designs guide
Stumpwork embroidery (New-Zealand)
Image 2 &3 courtesy of

I like embroidered clothing/fabric,they are so beautiful and the work put into them is amazing! I came across these (Image 2&3) types at There are more designs but these two caught my eyes. Image 1 is the design called zardozi embroidery made in India,it is awesome.Let me know if you know any other types.

Polka dots

Photos courtesy of
I can't get over how many best ideas are out there !These polka dots goodies cab bring charm to your home,check them at

Awesome things!

I saw this shoe accessories at I was so impressed how people can be creative. No more excuses.. you can now decorate your shoes!Awesome!

I am a big fan of aquariums. This is a 3D Wall mirror aquarium at,this will bring a sense of natural environment to your living room.What a great idea.

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Yu Gardens (Shanghai, China).
Versailles (Paris, France).
To wish you a good weekend I thought Ii should post something light and beautifuL....this is what I got via! Enjoy your weekend

Awesome stuff!

Henna painted sconce at moroccancaravan

I saw this lamp/princess lantern at moroccancaravan I was stunned by its beauty.The colors are so beautiful. All of these are made in Morocco,you can add oriental touch to your home!

Beautiful Antique

Antique Style Porcelain Phone ~ Black
Antique Style Porcelain Phone ~ Rose

I love these old designs.Art-and-home store has so many awesome goodies inclding these antique phones.

Timeless designs

Wait a minute...don't throw away your old records yet!Try this awesome invention which has
3-CD Changer, Record Turntable, AM/FM Radio and Cassette . I absolutely love it.It is one among cool things at sooth the soul!

The Talking Educational Globe.

This is the best invention, great job. Icame across at ijustgottahavethat .It is the

interactive sphere that connects to your computer for daily online updates, including world news, weather, history, travel facts

artistic work

What a wonderful artistic work from South-Africa. I liked the color of the bowl,so cheerful not suprising for most art work from Africa.There are more varieties at jacarandastylethat worth checking.

Awesome stuff!

Workshop Clock

Decorative Fan Blade Appliques

Teapot Night Light

Adjustable Lap Tray
I was so amazed how beautiful and unique these things are!All of them are at .Enjoy and tell me what you think!!


Russian silver enamel cup saucer and spoon by 11 Artel
Antique Large english repousse silver jug (low reserve)
A unique Russian silver enamel creamer marked A.K

I love antique things. I came across these very beautiful things on ebay I was stunned by their beauty. There are even more at russiansilverantiques (the seller) on ebay.