Crafters...all the way to Finland

image courtesy of talokoti For the craft lovers talokoti has these projects (and more) to keep us beautifying our homes,but the only problem is that the directions are in finnish.Still I decided to post this beacause I was sure AAT readers are smart they can use pictures,see I was right!Enjoy!

Superb Mosaic artwork...

images via
Wow! don't you love these,I guess I have to learn something about mosaic art. I love the colors,don't you wanna sit on that backyard and have a cup of tea?!More art work at kaffe fassett studio.Enjoy!

25 Robust Summer Bloomers

images courtesy of finegarden.
I know summer is way far from now, but I came across this article from finegarden and liked it and thought it worth reading especially if you like flowers/gardening. Enjoy!

Home office

image courtesy jubella
Beautiful home office via  jubella,don't you love them?I do.Enjoy!

Happy New Year 2011

Images copyright sophie,absolutelyawesomethings.

Happy new year 2011,happy and healthy.Do not forget to color your life...beautiful colors are good for us!Enjoy!