Colorful Kitchen.

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I spotted this from Isn't this beautiful! so uplifting!

Clever New Uses for Picture Frames

Frame as a Vanity Tray
Frames as Key Holders
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Thanks to for these tips. Check more here.

HAPPY CHANUKAH from us to you

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Happy Chanukah to you and have a Happy Holiday Season. It's a most wonderful time of the year enjoy it.

Do You Have an Accent?

Very interesting article by Prof. Joseph L. Mbele of St. Olaf College. Read more here or here

Little inspiration,My art work!

+ Mixed media
Mixed media by absolutelyawesomethings

Fabric painting

Fabric painting by absolutelyawesomethings
Crafting is fun!If I can do it you can too! These are some of the projects I have been working on when I get free time. Will post the final products after I finish.I hope this will inspired you! Enjoy

Awesome Indian Style

So beautiful and uplifting,I liked the colors and texture. Posted by An Indian Summer-design. Have a nice weekend!

Awesome fabric from Vlisco

Aren't these beautiful! has so many beautiful fabrics, so colorful. I wanna keep staring at them!Check them out.

My new Jewelry design collection, COMING SOON!

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I love crafting! Now,should I be proud of myself?!No,not yet! This is partly what I have been working on, jewelry designing. I am stilll putting everything together hopefully soon will let you know where to get them. Wish me luck!(I knew you gonna say that,Thanks-smiling!).

Tutorial: How to Etch Copper

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Today you gonna be happy! Why? Because of people like copperheart who like to share what they know so that we can all benefit. I came across an interesting tutorial about etching copper at copperheartdesigns and liked it so much. Thanks for posting it.I will have to try it myself. The end product (above photo) is awesome. Check it out and try it and share with us your experience and photos if possible.Have fun!