December Eye candy...beautiful!

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Many thanks to all  AAT fans  for visiting our lovely blog and warm welcome to all our new fans. AAT will be updated regularly,so please keep get ready for great things/great time as usual.We appreciated your support.Here are  December eye candy for you,Enjoy!.

House Beautiful


I subscribe to house beautiful magazine,this months issue had these beautiful images.Enjoy!

Beautiful homes...

Christine D'Ornano's London home
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Olivier Gagnere's home
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 Georges Clairin, Sarah Bernardt, 1876

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Beautiful homes with cheerful colors, beautiful  patterns, and awesome decor. Traditional Parisian design tailored with the love of pretty colorful textiles and rugs makes these homes so beautiful,elegant and livable.How about that garden? Just little  inspiration for all of us to get ideas for our homes,Enjoy!


Here at aat blog we like tips to make our homes livable and beautiful, being organised is on the top of the list. The secrets about organising are :
1. To allocate a home for everything.
2. To put everything back to where it should be.
3. Do one room at a time when you are organising so that you won't be overwhelmed and not finish the job.
There are nice suggestions at bhg,check them out.Enjoy.

Pretty things and shoes...


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I believe if you are a fan of  aat blog you must love pretty things and beautiful colors.Let me also take a guess, you also like shoes,see, I know! how did I know?  because I love beautiful shoes too.That being said I thought today why not post pretty things and shoes.Enjoy!

94 Living Room Decorating Ideas

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Little inspiration from Southernliving so that we can borrow the ideas to beautify our homes.These are the ones I liked most.Check them out here.Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!




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Beautiful and colorful interiors just to inspire you to beautify your own home this weekend. Have a wonderful and enjoyable weekend.