Country French Decorating Ideas

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Aren't these beautiful?Check them at I liked how they coordinated the blue color of the arm chair and the wall decor in the first picture. In the second picture,I like the design of coffee-table and colorful accessories.There more designs there worth checking. Enjoy!

My artwork,Mixed media art

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I like to challenge myself and try something new when I get free time. This is one of the challenges! I encourage you to try new things that's another way of finding new hobby.Have fun!

Paper cutting artwork tutorial

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Do you want to decorate with a picture of your own easy to do artwork? Here it is!
You will need: Paper,colorful fabric ,scissors,picture frame and a camera
1. Choose a colorful paper you like.
2. Cut a paper in any design you like.(I did a free style cutting)
3. Put a piece of a fabric underneath and take a photo.
4. Develop a picture and frame it ,there you are! with your original wall decor.Isn't that easy!Enjoy it!

Embroidery free style

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Sometimes on my free time I like to to embroidery,I have no pattern for this one , you just go with whatever design  comes into your mind.Try it and enjoy.

Reactions Around The World (PHOTOS)

Check out the celebration Around the World (photos) by Huffington post. So inspiring!

Celebrating The 44th US President

I got this beautiful image of Kanga fabric from, with President Barack Obama 's picture on it and printed in Swahili "Hongera Barack Obama" which means Congratulation Barack Obama . Check out africancolors for beautiful african art.
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" We must pick our selves up" more from yahoo news here
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Obama takes office, saying choose 'hope over fear'
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More from yahoo news here

Coloring pages for kids

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I came across this nice coloring pages for kids that you can print from I was happy because in this cold weather you need varieties of kids indoor activities otherwise they get bored.Enjoy with your kids ,we did!Do you have more ideas of indoor activities for toddlers? Please share with us.

Decoration idea

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I like the framed decor "I love you" (in french), Isn't this a good idea? Decoration shouldn't be too complicated. I spotted this from emmas.Check out her awesome blog for more beautiful designs.Have fun!

Awesome things

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Even if you can't you can't understand Dutch but still is worth checking, your eyes will do the work. Her photographs are awesome!I am still admiring these tableware,table cloth and wall paper,so beautiful!
[via emmas]

Crochet free way

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One time I heard someone say, there is no making mistakes when you are being creative,I guess there are truth to that.I did crochet free style and these are  what I ended up with, flowers that you could sew to your hat,sweater,scarf,baby's sweaters etc. So next time when you are doing art, follow where your mind takes you and see what happens,you might be pleasantly surprised.Enjoy!

Awesome butterfly wallpapers

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I was inspired by the previous post about beautiful butterfly and thought of butterfly wall papers. Aren't these awesome! I spotted them from them out!Have great weekend.

Beautiful Butterfly

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Isn't this beautiful Butterfly?!My Best friend send me this beautiful picture.We were stunned by the beauty,we can't stop admiring it! If any one know the know the scientific name of this butterfly please share with us.

Twirled ribbon rose tutorial

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I like people who like sharing good things they know!I came across this awesome tutorial by DivanNiekerk on on how to embroider twirled rose, I liked it and thought I should post it. Thanks for the tutorial!Check it out and try it (I will!). She also have another latest tutorial about Iris Stitch.So talented,she makes her tutorials seem easy!Enjoy

Happy New Year 2009.

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We wish everyone good health and many blessings in 2009.May it be the year that brings all the good things and that you  enjoy with your families and friends.
Check out more about New year's Eve event at Time squre,Newyork at