Beautiful African Designs

Images courtesy of tribaltextiles
Aren't these so beautiful ? I love the colors and designs,you can get them here.Enjoy!

Fringe studio beautiful vases

All images courtesy of thefind

Aren't these so beautiful?I love them!They are fringe studio vases, I saw them here.
I feel like I can't even bring myself to put flowers in them!I will just put them there and stare,crazy eh?I know! Enjoy.

Beautiful home accessories

All images above via grahamandgreen

I saw these at grahamandgreen and loved them,aren't they pretty?

Beauty In The Far North Of Kenya

Image via africancolors

Fine art photographs by a British Photographer John Kenny are very beutiful. I saw this photo from africancolors and loved it. There are more on his website here. Enjoy the beauty of Africa.