Living rooms...beautiful!

Images courtesy of schoener

These rooms are so beautiful,the fabric on those two armchairs are so cheerful and the plants makes the room feel livable.More at schoener.Enjoy! Have a nice weekend!

Announcement.... Taking bereavement break....

In memory of my Sweet Brother, I  love you very very much.
"Death may end a life, but it does not end the relationship"-by...
I love you very very much nothing will change that,you are the best brother in the whole world.

My Dear blogging friends, I hope everyone is fine. In case you were wondering where am I, I lost my Dear Brother (very very sad), so I am taking a break to pull myself together and put things into perspective.Thanks for visiting AAT and keep stopping  by. Hope to be back when I will be ready, Please keep him and us in your prayers.Be well and God bless.Thank you.