Awesome outdoor rooms

I saw these images at and loved them.How nicely decorated ! I thought you can get some ideas for your own home decoration. Enjoy!

Home decor

I saw this photography print at and loved it. The colors are so beautiful!

Gypsy Coin Bracelet Old Gold Version

I saw this at hollylynne shop at etsy
I loved it. It is unique,beautiful and I guess I liked it so much because one of the coin is from my country.Good job!

Decorating ideas

There are many great ideas ar like hanging a big mirror if you don't know what to hang on the blank wall. Also I liked that design of the table cloth,so unique and beautiful!


I loved this design of stenciling found at It is very beautiful and also not too complicated. You can check the explanation how to do it.

Ad from 1934 promises to help you get fatter

I couldn't help laughing out loud when I saw this Adat .I thought this was funny! At that time I guess women wanted to put on weight I don't know what happened then ,these days we want to lose weight!

Entertaining finds

I spotted these at hostesswiththemostess and loved them all. The colors are bright and beautiful! They will brighten your table!

wedding cakes

Woow what a talent! We spotted these fabulous wedding cakes and decorating with ribbon at richardsonwedding .so lovely!

Green Birdcage Wallpaper

I saw this unique wallpaper at re-nest,it is absolutely beautiful!. I liked the colors,unique design and that it is made with recycled papers and vegetable dyes. we have to save our environment!

Awesome things!

Image courtesy of

I love old wall papers and antique like the blue table above. They make the room unique and very beautiful.All of these and other tip at


I absolutely love these decorative boxes !I spotted them at Good to have if you wanna get organised

Beautiful decorative boxes

These are awesome ! They at balanceharmonygift. So colorful!

Beautiful ceiling fan light

These are awesome also at treat your self with one of these beautiful items.

Awesome contemporary vase

Amazing work! They are so beautiful.You can find more at

Cheerful fabric!

I saw these at They are very beautiful and good for different projects.

Handpainted Furniture

Painted sofa
Wall mural
Photos courtesy of mr headup at

I love colorful things! I came across great home decor idea at .They paint upholstery and pillow and wall murals,I loved the colors!

Beautiful fabric

Freshcut collection
Freshcut collection
I saw these beautiful fabric at I loved them. They are awesome!Great for various project!

beautiful things

Flickering Tealights
I spotted these at these,they are awesome!and safe especially if you have kids!.

Awesome goodies!

These are awesome, I spotted thema at I liked the bright colors,very beautiful