Beautiful fabrics..

All images courtesy of fschumacher

Don't you love these chiang mai fabric? I do. They are so beautiful and vibrant,the look great for the cushion covers.Enjoy!

Small spaces...

Images courtesy architecturaldigest

I love that mix of yellow and red above , see how ten designers decorated small space at architecturaldigest

saraoneday blog...awesome!

Images courtesy of saraoneday

Have you ever think of something and see it somewhere? what goes in your mind..yeah happy because it emphasize what you were thinking about in a positive way.I am a fan of saraoneday blog I like what she said here(I have been thinking of this) "a million things to do today.. ..........that the world wont end if I wait to do it all tomorrow" True eh!Check it out here

Beautiful Daher plates...

image courtesy ebay seltab50

Image courtesy ebay aksunshine

Image courtesy ebay :sail2you
As they say... old is gold!I love daher decorated plates.Look at these ones,aren't they beautiful!Beautiful decorated with lots of details.More at ebay.Enjoy!