Colorful Kitchen.

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I spotted this from Isn't this beautiful! so uplifting!

Clever New Uses for Picture Frames

Frame as a Vanity Tray
Frames as Key Holders
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Thanks to for these tips. Check more here.

HAPPY CHANUKAH from us to you

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Happy Chanukah to you and have a Happy Holiday Season. It's a most wonderful time of the year enjoy it.

Do You Have an Accent?

Very interesting article by Prof. Joseph L. Mbele of St. Olaf College. Read more here or here

Little inspiration,My art work!

+ Mixed media
Mixed media by absolutelyawesomethings

Fabric painting

Fabric painting by absolutelyawesomethings
Crafting is fun!If I can do it you can too! These are some of the projects I have been working on when I get free time. Will post the final products after I finish.I hope this will inspired you! Enjoy

Awesome Indian Style

So beautiful and uplifting,I liked the colors and texture. Posted by An Indian Summer-design. Have a nice weekend!

Awesome fabric from Vlisco

Aren't these beautiful! has so many beautiful fabrics, so colorful. I wanna keep staring at them!Check them out.

My new Jewelry design collection, COMING SOON!

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I love crafting! Now,should I be proud of myself?!No,not yet! This is partly what I have been working on, jewelry designing. I am stilll putting everything together hopefully soon will let you know where to get them. Wish me luck!(I knew you gonna say that,Thanks-smiling!).

Tutorial: How to Etch Copper

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Today you gonna be happy! Why? Because of people like copperheart who like to share what they know so that we can all benefit. I came across an interesting tutorial about etching copper at copperheartdesigns and liked it so much. Thanks for posting it.I will have to try it myself. The end product (above photo) is awesome. Check it out and try it and share with us your experience and photos if possible.Have fun!

How to make a fabric postcard has posted a step by step instructions on making a fabric postcard by Mixed media artist Shauna Swantek. I have been looking for this kind of tutorial and I came across that post and liked it.It is well explained and the directions are clearly written. Check it out and try it. Have fun!

Melting & Molding Soap : Loofah Scrubby Soap tutorial

I saw this video tutorial on youtube on making a loofah scrubby soap and liked it. It is well explained and that expert from expertvillage made it seem easy. Great job!Check it out and try it. Have fun!

Unique figurine for holiday gifts

I like for their beautiful things. These are nice gifts to make your family and friends smile.They have more nice things so check them out.Don't forget to get something for yourself,we always forget that! Have fun!

Gypsy purse tutorial

Image courtesy of posted the tutorial on making velvet flowers and embellishing this awesome gypsy purse. Thanks for that. The instructions are well written and there are diagrams.Check them out and try making one,I will!Have fun.

color in the living room

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I love cheerful colors! has these fabulous ideas worth checking. Enjoy making your sanctuary!

What is a Print?

This cool website explains well the print making technique . I love art so I thought this will be interesting! Check it out and may be you can use one of them to make art.Have fun!

Cornbread Turkeys

I saw this yummy cornbread turkey recipe from and didn't want my thoughtful readers to miss it. It seems easy to make so check it out and try it (I will). Enjoy!

At 7'3", Tanzanian tower Hasheem Thabeet stands tall at UConn

My Sweet Husband saw this article on nydailynews in the morning and brought it to me ! My country brother! We couldn't be more proud!Keep up an excellent job you are doing,We are all proud!

Thanks for the mention Apartment therapy

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Today I was pleasantly surprised to see much of our traffic was from a fantastic website apartment therapy,then I realised they had linked us because they used the picture from our blog (we used it in our previous post on handpainted furniture). Isn't this a nice suprise? awesome! Thanks for linking us.

Speaking of beautiful chairs and beautiful rooms, hiddeninfrance had posted these pictures I really liked the designs. Check it there are more awesome designs.I absolutely like that blog.

Video Library of Hand-Embroidery Stitches - Index

Lattice Work
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If you are looking for varieties of embroidery stitches tutorials,look no more because Mary Corbet's needlenthread has put together the video tutorials for us. Thanks so much!. Above is one of them known as Lattice Work and its video tutorial is here. Check them out you will be happy you did. Have fun!

Isn't this inspirational home?

Image via had posted these images of a Danish home,they are absolutely awesome! I love the colorful accent and their combination.To me this home brings energy.I had so many things to learn from,thanks for posting it !