Video Library of Hand-Embroidery Stitches - Index

Lattice Work
Image courtesy of needlenthread

If you are looking for varieties of embroidery stitches tutorials,look no more because Mary Corbet's needlenthread has put together the video tutorials for us. Thanks so much!. Above is one of them known as Lattice Work and its video tutorial is here. Check them out you will be happy you did. Have fun!

Isn't this inspirational home?

Image via had posted these images of a Danish home,they are absolutely awesome! I love the colorful accent and their combination.To me this home brings energy.I had so many things to learn from,thanks for posting it !

Cindy Dahnke's Temari Balls

This technique is so beautiful ,I want to try it. I saw it at and thought I should post it may be someone might wanna try it too. There are more techniques there so check them if you can.Have fun!

Awesome Murals!

Photo courtesy of kimhas6cats
kimhas6cats has posted this picture on flickr,I liked it !Is n't this a beautiful mural!peaceful living room no wander that beautiful cat look relaxed! Thanks for posting this! Other nice murals I like are at like these 2photos below :

Photos cortesy of

Middle class sprawls in Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi is a modern, vibrant capital city
Image courtesy of

Hurray! Atlast today I got to hear this news about the positive side of Africa,Kenya as it was covered by for covering this! I was so happy because this will be an eye opener for some people who think is all war and poverty when you talk about and for those who had the thought/wish of having investments there. .Excelent job!Asante sana (means: thank you very much ( in Swahili))!Awesome!Check it out.

Beautiful Lamps

Harley Lamp
57 Chevy Lamp
Golf Lamp

Isn't these beautiful? I like them too. Check them at Have fun!

Plexiglass Art and techniques

I love mixed media art ! (Though I am still new to it but it is going pretty well, learning the basics!)While researching I found CapricornArtist73 has posted this video tutorial on youtube about Plexiglass Art and techniques.His work is awesome!I like it.The tutorial is well explained and he makes it seem easy . Thanks for posting it!Check it out and try it (I absolutely will!).Check his website here on more mixed media art !have fun

Awesome cake designs!

Amazing talent!A friend Subi of nukta77 wanted to share these pics of the cake made by her co-worker with me,thanks Subi. Woow! they are so beautiful I would want to keep the cake untouched so that I can be able to admire it everyday! Thanks for sharing Subi.

New York design deity Isaac Mizrahi shares fashion smarts in new book

Who doesn't want to know what a Designer guru Isaac Mizrahi have to say about best style? I saw this article from and I can't wait to read the book,I guess you too!!. Coming out soon,check out the article for more information.