so colorful and beautiful

Murano handblown vase, 'Fiery Topaz' by Murano Artisans of Brazil . Wow! so pretty. can be found at

Wood chest of drawers, 'Golden painted by Shivji Ram Mali .So colorful and beautiful,can be found at

Awesome Painting

What a talent! It is so beautiful.Titled "Mulher com jarro" in Portuguese meaning 'Woman with Jar' by Edi Bousquet at

African handmade candles-swazicandles

Brilliant art work!So beautiful at

candles and candleholders

Beautiful candles and candle holders at

awesome sandals

Very beautiful sandals at

awesome goodies

Russian Sterling Silver Enamel Box 1900c at antiquesauctionsbuysell. com, so colorful and beautiful. On the lid is an inscription of the Hebrew word "Tahara" which means "Purity".
Egyptian Imsety Canopic Jar at,so beautiful

Handmade Tanzanian african ivory statue girl at its so beautiful

Decorate with antique

I loved their colors. Can be found at

awesome things

I came across very nice things. I thought I should post them. Tell me what you think! ? Kazi kwako!


Image Courtesy of

Very nicely decorated! Our last posting on "11 must-haves when decorating" can relate to this too.

Dry flowers

Photo courtesy of

Dry flowers can be so beautiful too,I usually keep mine in a bowl . You can also put them in the cup like the photo above or in a small basket . I will post more photos on this when they are ready.

Absolutely beautiful by

Fineart photography

Copyright 2008 absolutelyawesomethings

Copyright 2008 Absolutelyawesomethings

How to Green Your Furniture,10 highly effective ways

earth-friendly furniture by

earth-friendly furniture by

Doza armchair by

What’s the Big Deal?
Some people obsess over furniture. Others hardly even notice it’s there. One way or the other, making environmentally savvy choices in furnishing your home or office can make a big difference in your impact on the planet and your health. For more on this read

11 must-haves to decorate your home

There are a couple of things that bring charm in our homes when we decorate. So if you want to beautify your home, invest in the following; a beautiful rug, lampshade, small pillows,throw,wall art (eg. I like tinga tinga paintings-will post nice ones later), decorative objects, carvings, beautiful vase , indoor ceramic planter and a wall clock .

Try mix and match different colors to bring out good mood.Look for something simple but of good quality.Handmade things are great too ,also mix with vintage and antiques.The above items are the examples of things you need ,those ones are the ones that caught our eyes and they are found on websites below.Tell us what you think,bye for now!

Image 1. courtesy of, image 2. courtesy of, image 3. courtesy of, image 4. courtesy of, image 5. courtesy of, image 6. courtesy of, image 7.,image 8. courtesy of and image 9. courtesy of,image 10. courtesy of and image 11.courtesy of brocade