11 must-haves to decorate your home

There are a couple of things that bring charm in our homes when we decorate. So if you want to beautify your home, invest in the following; a beautiful rug, lampshade, small pillows,throw,wall art (eg. I like tinga tinga paintings-will post nice ones later), decorative objects, carvings, beautiful vase , indoor ceramic planter and a wall clock .

Try mix and match different colors to bring out good mood.Look for something simple but of good quality.Handmade things are great too ,also mix with vintage and antiques.The above items are the examples of things you need ,those ones are the ones that caught our eyes and they are found on websites below.Tell us what you think,bye for now!

Image 1. courtesy of planter.garden-and decor.com, image 2. courtesy of 2modern.com, image 3. courtesy of naturegiftsafaris.com, image 4. courtesy of charlescarvings.com, image 5. courtesy of 2modern.com, image 6. courtesy of overstock.com, image 7. etsy.com,image 8. courtesy of wrapable.com and image 9. courtesy of dutchbydesign.com,image 10. courtesy of ward.com and image 11.courtesy of brocade home.com

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