awesome things

I came across very nice things. I thought I should post them. Tell me what you think! ? Kazi kwako!


  1. sasa wewe mambo gani haya unaweka nguo nzuri hivyo?unatutia tamaa manake najipiga picha nimezivaa na viatu!!haya asante. Keep on sending these nice staff. Our computer was down for two days thats why I was quite,
    keep up the good job

  2. How could I forget to say thank you for the clock you put? It will make me open this blog every time I am on the net,cause I will be checking the time!!that was brilliant my dear!

  3. Hahaa umenichekesha yaani sina mbavu ulivyolalamika,anzeni tu kunituma niwaletee. Pole na computer. Asante sana.ngoja nipost nyingine ,baadaye!


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