Ethiopia - New Bride

Image courtesy of mknobil
I really like this photo, Isn't it beautif!She is so pretty,stylish and mknobil
caught her best poise. You couldn't ask for better poise than this one!When I saw this picture I thought of many things, one of them being how natural things can make your skin look so smooth and flawless(but we tend to ignore that!). Most of Masai women in Tanzania use similar red soil to beautify their skin and as makeup.It is very soft in texture and it clears pimples and makes your skin soft.Speaking of going green this is what women need!More about this photo and more at mknobil .Enjoy!


  1. Dada hakika kapendeza huu ndio utamaduni. Uasili yaani kuwa kama ulivyo

  2. hellow sister
    nashukuru sana kwa kunitembelea na kusaini katika kitabu changu cha wageni. Asante sana kwa kunitembelea pia, maana najua usin genitembelea bilashaka usinge saini.

    Tuko pamoja na tuendelee kutembeleana


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