Ever been to Dar-Es-Salaam,Tanzania?

Images courtesy of pbase

The Photographer of the above images Brian J. McMorrow of pbasehave been in Tanzania.Him and other people on his website had nice things to say about Tanzania .Check out more of his nice pictures here. I am posting this for my readers to get the idea of beautiful Tanzania.So the next time you wanna visit Africa why not go to Tanzania and see for yourself .By the way,for anyone interested there will be Tanzania Educational Tour, June 17-July 1, 2009 .More information can be found here.Have fun!
If you have any questions about Tanzania email me, I will love to help.Enjoy!


  1. Picha nzuri sana za Dar es Salaam. You make me miss home. I have not been to Dar for many years. I was in Arusha last May, but could not make it to Dar.

    Nice blog!

    Mama Shujaa

  2. no i live in east africa but i have never visited dar,(as we call it) but it must be lovely, plenty of sun, i cant stand sun, thanks for coming to my blog

  3. Wooow how beutiful is our country!

    Thanks for reminding us ! we need to appreciate and thank God for his creation! There is no beutiful place like Africa! You will feel God presence kwenye Nature ! which is still untouched by intelligent archtects lol


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