Living room idea .....Inspiration

 images via pinterest
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image via elleSA
I saw these rooms and liked how they are decorated.Tips from these pictures are:
  •  Top  picture: The painting  ties the room together. Those circles in the painting suits the space perfectly. (Imagine if those were squares, it wouldn't have soften the room).
  • Second pictures: The large photograph make the room look unique and becomes the focal point. Also the green rug soften the room,it  gives the calmness to the room,(the garden feeling).
  • The third picture: The purple color looks beautiful and airy.
  • The fourth picture: The colorful armchair tie the room together and personalise the room.
  • The fifth picture:books arrangement is an art in itself, they look nice and the choice of white vase  and white chairs give a place a clean look.
  • last picture: The colors pattern is fantastic and personalise the room.
I hope you will have something to take from those pictures for your own home.Enjoy!