Learn Swahili and other languages via Skype

 image via glovico

There are so many interesting languages in the world for people to learn.
Many people immediately go for the European classics such as French, German,
Italian, Spanish, Swedish and even Portuguese because they are fascinated
with the European cultures. In fact, these languages are some of the most
common choices for language lovers. On the other hand, Asian languages such
as Chinese, Korean and Japanese have become more popular as well. However,
there are so many beautiful languages apart from these that tend to be
neglected. Such as Swahili which is the official language in five countries
including Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, the Comoros and the Democratic Republic
of Congo.
Yet, as a student, traveler or serious linguist (or somebody simply
interested in African culture), it would be very helpful to add Swahili to
your arsenal. There are so many ways to learn the language, and it could be
either through self-study, translation books, classes, private tutors or an
online tutor via Skype. For most, hiring online tutors is the most flexible
option. This caters particularly well for people who are looking for an
affordable and practical option to learn the language. In that way students
can use Skype to communicate with a native Swahili speaker in Africa and
learn the language through the interactions. This is a great idea because it
is beneficial to you and the people teaching you the language.

The Fair Trade language school Glovico has paved way for many developing
countries to have their people earn an additional income. In the case of
Swahili, the native speakers are also knowledgeable on the English language,
which makes it easier for both parties to communicate with each other.
Glovico aims to offer the students the most effective way to enhance their
language adaptations through the help of native speakers.
You can find more information here www.glovico.org/en/swahili. We offer a
lot of classes on the Swahili language, and you get to choose an instructor
or program that best fits your needs.