Thank you very much to all of you.

"Death  may end life but it does not end relationship"-by....
I love you my Sweet Baby Sister nothing will change that,your heart is next to mine.

My dear blogging friends,I thank each and everyone for your prayers and the lovely emails you send me during this tough time of the loss of my darling Baby Sister. I really really appreciate.Thank you very much. Your kind, caring words have been so uplifting to me and to my family and your support have been so great.By God's grace I am getting stronger little by little.
I am planning to be back soon (Debby I hear you,she wants me to come back soon) so please do not get tired of waiting.Last but not least be well and thank you so much for your amazing support,it was/is truly  healing.I am so grateful.God bless you all and your families.See you soon here.Thank you.