Beautiful toss pillows...

Images via andrearteira
Another way to spice up a room is to put beautiful toss pillows.These with bright colors and shapes would  look great in any room.Enjoy!


  1. First time on your blog and I have to tell you those colorful pillows in the first picture totally caught my eye! Do you only do colorful designs? I'm more of a nature gal with earth tones-have u ever created something like that? Great pics and keep staying true to yourself:)
    If interested come check out the beginning of my blog

  2. I love your style!! Your colors are bright and I just love colors. Thank you so much for sharing!! This all inspires me in my own art....

  3. Cyndi and Tatiana,thanks very much for the compliment.I am really glad my blog inspires you.Thanks so much for stopping by,you rock!


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