Make Creating A Cozy Bedroom A Priority This Year

So many master bedrooms are left as the last room to be decorated in the home. You might find you focus on the rooms that are used the most, such as the living room or the kitchen. However, if you don’t focus any time and attention on your bedroom you are doing yourself a great disservice. A cozy bedroom can be a sanctuary, a place where you kick back and relax, and it’s not that difficult to pull together a great bedroom in no time.

If you have a neutral color on your walls and don’t like to paint, consider adding a feature wall. Feature walls are generally the wall behind your bed, and can be painted or wallpapered to achieve a striking look. Feature walls often have bold accent colors. For example, if your room a neutral mocha shade, you could add a chocolate brown feature wall. Add accents of light blue and you have an excellent color palette for your room.

Your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom, and your focus should be on making it as luxurious as possible. If you have a budget, be sure to spend the most amount on your bedding. Add a luxurious duvet to the bed so you can be warm on cold winter nights. Invest in some high thread count sheets. A 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheet set is a must for a comfy bed. Your duvet cover should be a similar thread count and highlight the color palette of your room. Other luxurious additions could include a feather bed topper for your mattress or a high quality set of pillows.

Lighting is important in a master bedroom. Wall sconces add soft, warm light and are also great for reading. You can find sconces that have individual switches, so if you want to continue reading your light won’t disturb your spouse. Overhead lighting can be dramatic in a bedroom. For a romantic feel, add a chandelier dripping with crystals.
Your bedroom should be a place where you can display your favorite things. If you collect china ornaments, add a shelf on your wall for a small display. Large, framed photos of your children can be turned into artwork when they are placed on the wall in large frames. Take a photo of your favorite destination and frame it as well.

Sound is as important as sight and texture when it comes to a bedroom. White noise filters out street noise and other sounds that can disturb your sleep. You can purchase a white noise machine that will play the soothing sounds of water or rain. If you don’t wish to buy a white noise machine, you can buy CD’s with rain or nature sounds. A quick way to block noise is to turn on a small fan.

It’s the little things that make your bedroom as cozy as possible. Candles lit on a cold winter night, cozy curtains to keep out drafts, and extra blankets on your bed: All of these items contribute to a wonderful sanctuary for you and your spouse. When choosing the next room you decorate, be sure to treat yourself and focus on your master bedroom. You’ll be glad you did!
Add even more appeal to your bedroom instantly with a rug. Try soft shag pile rugs for luxury on your feet or go bright and wild with modern style area rugs.

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