For tea lovers...

LE PALAIS DES THÉS colorful thermos via mygiftee
Chinese thermos flask via grahamandgreen
I really like these Thermos flasks, (I guess because I love drinking tea)! The cherry blossom make them look so beautiful.Did you know that tea is good for you? It has many health benefits. Check teh out here .And don't forget to spread the news to your loved ones,I already begun ...and I am succeeding Sweet Hubby is an official member of my tea drinking club.Enjoy!


  1. These are absolutely awesome little things. Keep it up my Sister.
    Share our Love with your family.

  2. Thanks alot for stopping by and for encouragement,I appreaciate.

  3. kazi nzuri. na nimepita kukusalimia pia.

  4. thank you for such amazing information....if you love tea just like me....please check out

    the blog mentioned below its really

    cool....!!!i'm sure you'll love it!!!


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